Prom and dance with us!

This is probably the very first event in a girl's life when she's allowed to unleash her inner princess. The gowns, the jewellery, the sparkle and the fuss... what girl can resist?

Prom season is finally here and we've got you covered on some of the key pieces for the night: 


Dress: Miss Selfridge Sequin Stud Maxi Dress. Shoes: 'St Trpoez' Summer Feet
Dress: Oasis Lace Bodice Prom Dress. Shoes: 'Blue Sapphire' Famous collection
Dress: Mango Silk Strapless Gown. Shoes: 'Red Rhino' Famous collection
Dress: Valencia: Debenhams. Shoes: 'Rio' Summer Feet


So what are you wearing to your prom? Will you opt for a full length, long elegant sophisticated gown or a girly yet stylish mini dress. Or is it "black basics" for you?
We want to know it all!
Feel free to comment, or snap a pic of what you are thinking of wearing and we can give you a few stylish tips! Especially regarding the shoes... probably even more important than the dress itself, as you need to "survive" the night in it.