Using a shoe brush
Ensure your shoes are dry and using a soft shoe cleaning brush, gently brush away the dirt.

Removing stains
Remove stains by using a suitable leather shoe cleaner made specifically for smooth leathers.

Removing water stains
Lightly wet the entire outside of the shoe, use a sponge or dry cloth to blot any excess water, then let the shoes dry overnight. To keep the shape of the shoe, insert a shoe tree whilst it dries, once completely dry, brush lightly with your suede brush.

Protect your leather shoes
There are some great products out there which help keep your shoes in good shape, however, an alternative wayther Mifani shoes is to use Petroleum Jelly.

Apply a small amount of jelly to a clean soft lint-free cloth. Massage the jelly in a circular motion, then let them rest a while. Wipe off the jelly using a clean part of the cloth.

Warning: Always read and follow the manufacturer's directions on the label for leather cleaning/protector products. Make sure you have adequate ventilation before spraying.

Please note these are general leather shoe care guidelines and Mifani will take no responsibility as a result from following these suggestions.

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