Using a suede brush
Firstly, ensure your shoes are dry and using a suede cleaning brush, gently brush away the dirt. Brushing in one direction will help to lift out the dirt.

Removing scuffs
Use the suede brush on the scuffed areas forward and backwards. Tip: For stubborn marks try using a pencil eraser to rub out the dirt.

Removing water stains
Lightly wet the entire outside of the shoe, use a sponge or dry cloth to blot any excess water, then let the shoes dry overnight. To keep the shape of the shoe, insert a shoe tree whilst it dries, once completely dry, brush lightly with your suede brush.

Removing oily stains
Gently brush the stain with your suede brush, then using warm water, wet a tooth brush or nail brush and work over the stain. Note: Oily stains are difficult to remove from suede, so severely stubborn stains may be impossible to remove.

Protecting your suede
Remember prevention is better than cure so try to apply a coat of suede protector spray on your Mifani shoes when you first get them and again after every time you have cleaned them.

Warning: Always read and follow the manufacturer's directions on the label for suede cleaning/protector products. Make sure you have adequate ventilation before spraying.

Please note these are general shoe care guidelines and Mifani will take no responsibility as a result from following these suggestions.

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