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Gold Cross Over Stiletto


Metallic gold mock-croc print

Stylist says:
These gold shoes work beautifully for weddings. Whether you’re the bride, bridesmaid or attending as a guest, you will want a pair of these gold shoes for the wedding.

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             Mifani's size guide

             Mifani's size guide

Upper Material: Vegan friendly patent
Insole Material: Leather
Outsole Material: Vegan friendly PU
Heel Height: 11cm (4.5 inches)
Lining Material: Vegan friendly PU
Colour: Metallic Gold crocodile print

Stylist says:
Gold shoes are a nice alternative to nude or silver for a wedding look and it is becoming increasingly popular as part of the wedding colour scheme. The contrast gold provides against more earthy and natural colours really make gold a favoured colour, so complete your wedding look with these gold wedding shoes.
If you wanted to add an even extra special touch to these gold shoes at the wedding, you should pair with the GOLD RUSH ANKLE CANDY for a gold on gold shoe statement.

These gold shoes will literally make your wedding outfit whilst defining your legs in a way to make them appear longer and very lady-like. That's what makes these gold shoes suitable for any wedding.

These gold wedding shoes are just over 11 cm, so they should certainly be fine wear throughout the day.
If you're discovering issues with the fit whilst wedding shopping for gold shoes, then it could be worthwhile placing transparent plasters on the areas that seem to be experiencing the discomfort. If you are uneasy over the plaster exposing, you can still mask with a small amount of your makeup to help cover the appearance of the transparent plaster.

Luckily these gold wedding shoes have variable straps so giving you some tolerance when you're out, ensuring that a these gold wedding shoes will be a great fit. It's important to understand most gold wedding shoes will pinch if you wear them the whole day, so try not to wear them for extreme periods of time. One other trick to staying snug in your gold wedding shoes might be to embed a couple of gel pads at the front area of the shoes, this should help refrain your feet from moving forwards.

The design of these gold wedding shoes are such you ought not encounter any squeezing from the heels, so there isn't really a necessity to apply any methods to break-in your shoes. It will probably be a good idea to try on your shoes for size in the late afternoon, because your feet will have slightly increased in size so you will be trying on your beautiful gold shoes for your wedding at the optimum time in the day when you are most likely will be wearing these gold shoes.

These gold wedding shoes are such a good purchase because they are good for all wedding scenarios. A bride could easily wear these gold shoes if she were to go for a grecian style wedding dress. A strapless dress for the bridesmaids could be completed with these gold shoes and a wedding guest would look hot in these gold shoes if she matched them with a fitted knee length v neck plunge dress.

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