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Black flat ankle strap shoe No.3


Flat pumps with gold ankle strap 

Online shoe shopping just got easier thanks to Mifani shoes and these flat pumps. This Nouveau collection of comfortable shoes for women will take your shoe game to new levels.

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              Mifani's size guide

              Mifani's size guide

Size and fit:
True to size and are only available in full sizes go up to the next full size..

Upper Material: Vegan friendly suede
Outsole Material: Vegan friendly PU
Heel Type: Flat
Lining Material: PU
Outsole material: PU
Colour: Black

Editor’s notes:
The great thing about these  flats is that they do not compromise on the style front in any way. From the almond shape of the toe, to the ankle detail right down  to the comfortable vegan friendly outsole, these flat shoes have exactly what you would want from a comfortable shoe. Finally function meets fashion. Although perfect as they are these comfortable shoes for women can be paired with our leopard Ankle Candy to give your flats a pretty edge.

The low heel means you’ll be ready for anything, you can wear these comfortable shoes on your way to work and they’re even hot enough to wear in the office, so there’s no need to change into your heels when you get  to your desk.

These comfortable shoes are renowned for being both elegant whilst making your feet feel good too, which is important to ensuring you have healthy feet. High heels are great but it’s always  a good idea to wear flats once in a while, especially if you’re walking for long distances. That’s what makes these flats so special you don’t have to worry about stretching to fit or breaking them in because they are new. You simply slip them on and carry a pair of your favourite heels in your bag and when you feel like glamming-up the look you can just swap the around. It’s effortless pain-free shoe styling.

Remember any shoes you wear (including comfortable womens shoes) for excessive periods of time can begin to wear on your feet so some extra care should be taken to ensure your feet are looked after. 

The main thing is to ensure your feet stay clean and in turn your shoes stay clean too. Wearing invisible socks help to keep any moisture your feet produce away from the shoes, reducing the build-up of bacteria which is the main cause of odour in your comfortable flat shoes.

Most major high street stores sell these socks now, but our absolute favourite are the ones you get at H&M. They are a lot less likely to poke out when wearing your comfortable flat shoes.

For taller women, finding a comfortable pair of shoes that are also hot isn’t always an easy task, but these fail safe flats are truly a favorable option for women who want sexy looking shoes without the heel.