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Pink ankle strap sandal with padlock


Stylist says:
These pink stiletto heels are vital in your shoe collection. Grab a pair and match with a pair of ankle cut denims for a super lush look.

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                 Mifani's size guide

                 Mifani's size guide

Size and fit:
True to size and are only available in full sizes go up to the next full size.

Upper Material: Vegan friendly patent
Insole Material: Leather
Outsole Material: Vegan friendly PU
Heel Height: 11cm (4.5 inches)
Lining Material: Vegan friendly PU
Colour: Purple pink patent

Editor’s notes:
These stiletto shoes will truly make your legs look super lush along with adding a few extra inches to your height at the same time. The stiletto will do a great job of shaping your legs to give you a strong womanly pose. These stiletto heels measure around 11 cm, so you will find them fine to walk in.

It's not uncommon for some women to experience hassles trying to pick out a stiletto shoe that flatters their legs as well as fitting well. That's not the case with these stilettos so no need to worry about that. The colour is very flattering which will suit all women and the adjustable ankle strap will fit most ankle sizes so the fit should be just fine.

It is important to wear a stiletto that fits you well. But on the occasion when the shoe is the right size and the fit is ok but your stiletto still hurts, its good to know what to do to fix the problem. The easiest and most effective solutions for stilettos that pinch is to cushion the areas of the shoe that pinch with gel pads. Alternatively you can wear corn wraps to protect your toes from any rub.  It's beneficial to know most stilettos will cause discomfort if you're wearing them for a long time, so consider how long you will need to be wearing them for and the amount of walking you will need to do in them. One other hint to being cosy in your stiletto definitely is to stick a couple of gel soft cushions grips at the around the prominent area of the stiletto, this will improve the positioning of your feet and keep them from slipping front ways.

The disposition of these stilettos ought not to make you feel aches or pains from normal wear and walking about in these stilettos, so no real need to follow any kind of processes to break-in your stilettos. It will probably be best to test the fit of your stiletto after work or at the end of a busy day. That way you are trying on your shoes at the time of day you are most likely to be wearing the shoes and so the fit will be closer to what they actually feel like when you are out wearing the stiletto.